Cabin 4 by Bat Manors

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Otter, Friend by Bat Manors

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Comedy’s Last Supper (c) Tom Dudzick
First drawing is the original one. Someone replaced Allen and Hope by Tati and Lloyd.

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French For Rabbits-The over side

Song: The Voice of a Man with Nothing to Say
Album: Codgers On The Moon
Artist: Charles Bobuck

Shake It Shake It (I Wet My Bed) by Charles Bobuck



No child is born homophobic, so don’t teach them.

Watch the full video on here.

I love how this kid does rabbit ears. Got to watch kids, they know more than you think they do.

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Dead On The 4th Of July by The Flashbulb

Mistral gagnant by Coeur de Pirate

Aurora’s theme by Coeur de Pirate